The Growing Threat of Cyber Attacks and Domestic Terrorism

After the events of 9/11, America changed. Gone were the days of quick trips to the airport. Yes, there were security lines, but the most air travelers had to deal with in the past were short, quick checkpoints. And while the present security levels of our airports have made our skies the safest they have ever been, what about other threats to our national security?

Federal organizations have turned up the scrutiny on terrorist groups around the world and thwarted planned attacks against our nation. But there are more than just clandestine, religious militants out to get us. Two areas that will more than likely present a threat to U.S. interests are threats from cyber attack and domestic terrorism, according to a report by Let’s look at both.

Cyber terrorism is a growing concern in regards to our nation’s infrastructure. A cyber attack doesn’t even require a physical combatant to be present. Computer malware sits at the forefront of weaponry that will be utilized on the battlefield of tomorrow, the Internet. And if experts are to be believed, tomorrow is just around the corner.

Domestic terrorism, on the other hand, is harder to quantify. Domestic terrorists come from within the ranks of our own citizenry. The Oklahoma City Bombing is just one example of an act of domestic terrorism. Government officials can deal with the plans of domestic groups they are aware of, but what about those lone individuals who perform acts of terrorism in the name of their own, unknown twisted ideologies?

In essence, a physical attack upon American assets within our country by an outside terrorist group is less likely than ever, but we need to keep in mind those attacks which we cannot see, cyber attacks, and those attacks we might not foresee, acts of domestic terrorism. That will probably be from where the next attacks will arise.

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