5 Tips to Effectively Managing a Crisis

Effective crisis management is the hallmark of a good business leader and can often mean the difference between continued operation and a fast recovery during a crisis, as well as damage to a company’s profit margins and reputational loss. Listed below are 5 tips to help managers effectively deal with a crisis as recommended by www.aiuniv.edu.

1. Before a crisis takes place, it is important for owners to build solid relationships within the community. This includes not only employees and their families, but others within the community. It is those strong relationships that will help support a business during a recovery, as community members are more apt to do business with those they have a strong connection to.

2. Planning ahead is critical to having as many of your bases covered as possible when a crisis happens. What will you do if: there is a break-in or a robbery, a fight or an assault on staff, a security breach within your database, a crucial computer system fails, severe weather traps you and your employees at the office, or there is a medical emergency on the premises?

All of these scenarios, and more, should be considered and planned for. Don’t wait for an event to happen before deciding what to do. Delegate roles beforehand and place emergency contact numbers where they are easily accessible.

3. Practice your crisis plan. Do not wait for an event to happen to put your plan into action. Practicing a plan will keep panic levels down and let you know if there is room for improvement within a current plan.

4. Act immediately when a crisis occurs. This could potentially curtail any further mishaps and bring a situation under control before it escalates. Indecisiveness under fire could also lead to the situation worsening.

5. Look at what went right and what went wrong and then fix it. The best thing that can come out of a crisis is the opportunity to correct a situation going forward and keep similar situations from happening in the future.

By keeping on top of a crisis and acting as soon as a crisis occurs, business leaders will more than likely lessen the impact of a disaster. Looking at what potential crises could affect your business, developing plans to deal with those crises, and practicing those plans will lead to a faster and safer recovery.

For more information about effective crisis management, visit: http://www.aiuniv.edu/Student-Life/Blog/September-2012/Effective-Crisis-Managemtn