The Importance of Having a Contingency Plan

Cambrian Printers in Aberystwyth, Wales, suffered from a devastating flood in June of this year. During the worst of the flooding, water covered the entire factory floor, damaging equipment and shutting down operations at the print factory for a little over three months. Luckily for Cambrian, they had a contingency plan in place. And while flooding had never been considered, it still helped in its recovery process, according to a recent report.

After outsourcing jobs that needed to be completed, company officials met with insurance adjustors to see where they stood as far as recovering its equipment was concerned. Together with the insurance company, they came up with an action plan. Initially, attempts were made to hire professional cleaners, but when too few cleaners were available, factory workers were utilized in the cleanup. Within a week and a half all equipment except the binderies had been assessed. This quick response allowed the company to get back in operation at their facility within three months.

During this time, Cambrian staff kept customers up to date on what was going on, and it continued to outsource jobs to keep its customers’ business going. Additionally, the entire staff was moved upstairs, a move that facilitated the communication process that once operations were back in order, the staff stayed in their new premises.

The secret to the company’s success was believed to be due to the fact that it had plans already in place to allow them to be more organized and effective in their efforts during and after the disaster. The disaster also revealed both weaknesses and strengths in their organization, allowing Cambrian to improve upon those areas.

One area that was found lacking was in communications with the customer, which was found to need improvement. It is always important to keep customers informed of what is going on with a company’s facilities, especially if events there will impact their business. This includes fast and timely communication. Whereas a company might fear a customer’s reaction if there are problems, being open and honest with them will let them know in the future that they can trust you to do so if something happens again.

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