Banks Create a Culture of Preparedness in Wake of Recent Cyber Attacks

Recent DDoS attacks against some of our nation’s most high-profile banks have led to many upping their investment in such security measures as fraud detection and network security. They are also reviewing their crisis mitigation plans and the way they train employees to deal with such attacks. The recent attacks also emphasized the need for discourse with the various vendors, ISPs, and law enforcement about any future cyber threats, as reported by

One important lesson that has been gleaned from the recent cyber attacks is the need for banks, and other institutions, to work with their Internet service providers to thwart any future attacks. Building a partnership with your ISP is important. They are on the frontline of cyber warfare and have insights into upcoming threats, as well as how to deal with them. It is also advisable to have a backup ISP on another infrastructure just in case your main ISP goes down. This allows companies to keep doing business.

Employee training is also of the highest importance. Knowing how to react in a situation, such as an attack against a bank’s cyber infrastructure is important. Training employees to react to situations as they arise remains critical, but also important is training employees to respond to ever changing and evolving threats, especially on the cyber front.

Other ways employers and employees can prepare for a disaster include:

  • Back up data and have a plan to recover that data.
  • Make sure your company has business insurance.
  • Invest in improved and more efficient systems.
  • Use any preparedness resources at your disposal, especially free ones.
  • Know what disaster preparedness plans are when dealing with partners and suppliers.

By being prepared and having a clear course of action when disaster strikes, businesses can mitigate any response and reduce the damage done, especially with the emerging threat of cyber attacks upon a company’s data resources. A relatively new field, it might take some time to learn fully the capabilities of cyber attackers.

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