What Will the 2013 Cyber Frontier Look Like?

The year of 2012 saw many different forms of cyber attack within the U.S. These ran the gamut from spear-phishing attacks to compromises of mass user accounts on prominent Internet Websites. According to a http://biztech2.in.com article, the following areas are considered to be prominent cyber security threats for 2013.

1. Mobile Devices: The development of cross-platform mobile devices using Windows 8 and Android programming has opened up a new world of possibilities for cyber criminals. It is the code that is shared between these mobile devices and other electronic items, such as personal computers or laptops, that will allow for broader attacks across devices.

2. Bypass Methods: Cyber criminals will adjust their cyber attacks to account for so-called security sandboxes. These virtual machine defenses check for malware and other threats. The next step in evading these latest security protocols is to remain hidden. Once attackers are sure that the virtual security environment no longer is present, the program will activate and launch an attack upon the system.

3. Malicious Apps: Applications that have an underlying malicious intent will slip through the validation process with increasing frequency. This, in turn, will be amplified at companies that use a Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) policy. Such devices are more apt to have malware on them and can spread to computers and devices within the company that they connect to.

4. Government-Sponsored Acts: Cyber terrorism is becoming more and more acceptable as nations find it easier to develop their own cyber warfare capabilities, as opposed to, say, surmounting the obstacles to becoming a nuclear power. The difficulty in which the resources to develop effective cyber-weapons can be acquired is much less than those for other forms of combat.

5. Increased Hacktivist Sophistication: With cybersecurity against attacks developing at an ever-increasing rate, hacktivists have likewise upped the sophistication of attacks to a new level.

These are just a few of the developments that companies should look for in the coming year. Being aware of what to expect is the first step that a business can take in protecting itself from cyber attack.

For more information about cybersecurity predictions for 2013, visit: http://biztech2.in.com/news/security/seven-cybersecurity-predictions-for-2013/147932/0