Are You Prepared for a DDoS Attack?

Recent high-profile denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks have impacted high-profile companies, such as Capital One, showing just how vulnerable any business can be to cyber attackers. And according to Mike Smith, security evangelist and DDoS specialist at Web security provider Akamai, it’s imperative that organizations have a backup Web page in case of attack.

“Maybe you need to give people a low-size page instead of the full page with mash-ups, JavaScript and client-site controls,” he said during an interview with BankInfoSecurity’s Tracy Kitten. Then, when under attack, the smaller Website should be put online, but from a different location outside of an organization’s infrastructure.

These DDoS attacks have made U.S. financial institutions, banks and credit unions stand up and take notice, and many are re-evaluating their prevention and defense efforts, according to the article. Smith also advises that any organization, but in particular banks, should create strategic partnerships with service providers to allow for excellent customer service even in the event of a DDoS attack.

According to Smith, preparation includes “looking at things and taking more of a continuity of operations approach, combined with customer satisfaction. How are you going to keep those two things going even though the website is down?”

During the BankinfoSecurity interview, Smith discussed:

  • Three steps businesses should take to mitigate DDoS risks;
  • Why banking institutions should make sure that backup banking channels, like a call center, can handle increased traffic when an online banking sites goes down; and
  • Why increased budgetary commitments and investments must be made to address DDoS threats.

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