PBX Parachute is a disaster recovery/ business continuity communications solution that can include automatic failover for your primary phone system, Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) queues, follow-me calling, audio conference bridge, and employee emergency hotline. Click HERE>>

Hunting Black Swans in Your Continuity Program – Quarry 10: 10 Steps to Building a Black Swan. A Black Swan in BCM is an untreated point of failure that can derail a continuity response. This is the tenth in a series by Kathleen Lucey regarding hunting and mastery of these. Click HERE>>

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    We want to work with you. Keep your sales pipeline full by advertising in the GUIDE. Lots of opportunities in 2013 to tell your story -- the 16th edition annual GUIDE, top-notch quarterly issues, the bimonthly Continuity e-GUIDE, the Online GUIDE, e-Blasts -and more! Click HERE>>
  • How Can You Prevent Your Business from Becoming a Casualty of the Cyber War?
    With cyber attacks against the United States increasing in frequency, what can business leaders do to protect their companies from a 9/11 style attack on the cyber front? Click HERE>>
  • School Shooting Preparedness Drills Become More Realistic
    Safety experts say that it is possible to strike a balance between realism and preparedness during school shooting drills without scaring children and their parents. Click HERE>>
  • Hurricane Sandy Inspires New Ways of Thinking
    With climate change affecting the intensity of current storms, what can city leaders, as well as businesses, do to combat such severe weather crises? Click HERE>>
  • How to Effectively Identify Business Continuity Strategies
    Some continuity experts advise businesses to focus on consequences instead of individual disaster scenarios. This should allow for a faster recovery while minimizing losses. Click HERE>>
  • The Evolving Landscape of the Cyber Battlefield
    With China’s alleged recent hacking of the New York Times computer network, cyber espionage has elevated to the next level. How can a business better protect itself? Click HERE>>
  • Complacency Breeds Bigger Disaster
    Recent flooding has dredged up memories of massive flooding in the U.K. Has the U.K. changed since then? And how can we implement the lessons learned in the U.S.Click HERE>>

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CPM East 2013. Washington, DC. May 13-15. Master the disaster management cycle! Get the tools you need to develop and execute policies and procedures for maintaining and restoring operations in the event of natural or man-made threats. Click HERE>>

The KOOL Kit provides 72-hour support for 1 person. Long shelf-life contents. At only $25, it costs less than what you might spend assembling a kit on your own AND it saves you time. Packed in a bag that can be used to keep things KOOL! Click HERE>>

DRJ Spring World 2013. Mar. 17-20, Orlando. Outstanding line-up of experts who will address the most relevant issues affecting practitioners and their organizations. Find what you need to improve your programs' effectiveness and efficiency. Click HERE>>

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Centennial College assumes assets of the Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness
Toronto, Ontario (Canada) – After 20 years as Canada’s leading advocate for disaster resilience, the Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness (CCEP) is “passing the torch” to a new champion of emergency management and public safety. As of January 31, CCEP has ceased operations and has awarded its assets to the Emergency Management and Public Safety Institute (EMPSI) of Centennial CollegeClick HERE>>

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