Common Cloud Misconceptions

Cloud-based technology is the way of the future, though not all businesses are currently on board with its adoption. Why? Because of several common misconceptions when it comes to the cloud. Below are some of the common misconceptions about cloud computing that are slowing its adoption, according to

Cloud Users Lose Control of Their Information

While partly true, using a cloud service also gives its adopters the ability to focus on the bottom line at their respective company. Instead of managing their data, a company can pass that task on to another company. This way they can focus their attention into areas that actually make the company money, such as research and development of products. Not having to worry about the managing of their data means that implementing new products is even faster than before, allowing companies to roll out new products in weeks instead of months.

Users Should Aim for Chargebacks

Chargebacks provide businesses with an important way to show who is using what resources in a company and helping to foster responsible spending within the company’s various departments. And while important, if used too early after adopting the cloud at your company, they can be counterproductive in their effect. Initially, showbacks are much more important and pave the way to using chargebacks. Both chargebacks and showbacks force departments to be accountable for the resources that they use. Showbacks are better because instead of paying for the use of resources, departments are shown what they are using. Most departments attempt to limit their use to not stand out. It’s just a matter of slipping into a chargeback system once the showbacks have been successfully implemented.

It’s Free

Most services in the cloud at the business level are not free. When going into a cloud computing agreement, companies usually must pay for a cloud vendor’s service to protect the company’s information. And don’t forget to consider any training costs associated with using this type of service.

You Can Control How It’s Adopted

One thing is true when it comes to the cloud. Once your company starts switching over to using third-party cloud vendor services, it is hard to stop the process. While you might not think of your company as a cloud adopter, once you start down that road it is only a matter of time before that becomes the new reality at your company. Once you start, you should go at it full throttle until the switchover is complete. This allows your company’s other departments to work with the IT department to make the adoption more successful.

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