Cybersecurity Lessons Learned That Can Make a Difference

Modern business practices and procedures rely more and more on the digital world to keep track of the information needed to conduct business. While a paper trail does still exist in the business world, this increasing reliance on digital information means that new methods should be developed to protect it. Some lessons learned the hard way in regards to digital information in the past means that the database managers of today have that much of an upper hand when protecting their data. Listed below are some cybersecurity lessons learned that can help better protect data in today’s business world, according to

Cybersecurity Requires Vigilance by All Employees

In addition to a company’s IT personnel, other company employees play a vital part in the securing of company data. Even with the best protections put into place, misplacement of company devices and poor e-mail practices can get in the way of making sure data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Training all employees to follow proper data handling procedures and company best practices can go a long way toward better data security.

The Physical Location of Data Can Play an Important Function

Where the company’s data is located can play a large part when it comes to the laws that deal with that data. National and regional laws come into play with information stored online or in the cloud. These laws can apply when accessing data stored in a particular region or country, or when accessing information dealing with residents of those areas. When retaining data, company officials should have an idea of the laws in regards to that data, which can prevent headaches in the future.

Put Programs in Place to Prevent Data Breaches Before They Happen

While a company can hope to avoid any data loss whatsoever, inevitably a loss of data happens. Preparing for such losses the best way you can and developing procedures for securing data can save time and money later on. Knowing what is required in the case of a data breach allows companies to develop the procedures necessary so that employees know what to do, and customers have an idea of what to expect from your business when this does happen.


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