When Is it Okay to Be Silent in a Crisis?

When handling a Public Relation (PR) crisis, when is it okay to keep quiet, if ever? Most often, experts recommend that companies take an active hand in addressing a crisis. But is there ever a time when a non-response is the best response? In the case of Verizon and the recent NSA scandal, so far the silent treatment has worked in Verizon’s favor, but how long will that last?

Verizon finds itself in the predicament of being a part of the story, but not the whole story. Other entities are involved, which means that Verizon does not have all the facts. In the absence of the whole truth, the best course of action may be to not say anything at all, according to an article by www.ecommercetimes.com. As in Verizon’s case, they more than likely are waiting for the storm to pass.

Which leads to another issue. As of now, the entire argument of whether the NSA was wrong or right in this case is focused on the political side of the matter and whether it was too much an invasion of privacy on the government’s part. Eventually, the argument will cycle around to the companies involved, but until then there is no reason for a company like Verizon to attract unwanted attention to itself. Though that could change quickly.

So, when is no response a good response? Well, in Verizon’s case, at the moment, their silence has seemed to deflect the focus away from them, and thus has proven itself adequate for the time being. Whether or not that tactic will prove out in the end remains to be seen. In the event that the focus turns to Verizon’s role in the whole scandal, a different tact will need to be utilized, especially if Verizon was one of a few companies who took part in the program. Then it will become a whole different story, and their silence will not be so welcome.


For more information about Verizon’s response to the recent phone records scandal, visit: http://www.ecommercetimes.com/story/78259.html