Top 5 Online Resources for National Preparedness Month

All the large disaster preparedness organizations are providing even more free training and information in honor of National Preparedness Month. They even understand that a little humor is just as necessary as a solid plan and a kit.


FEMA’s National Preparedness Community provides Toolkit resources for local outreach programs to promote National Preparedness Month and educate the public as well as a forum to discuss Community Emergency Response Teams, announcements, events, and resources.

Best known for the tenets of: Get a Kit; Make a Plan; Be Informed, and Get Involved, provides a thorough introduction to the potential events and disasters that require an emergency plan. Guidance for developing emergency plans and kits is also available for multiple environments and scenarios.

The American Red Cross

Disaster relief is obviously a primary function of The American Red Cross, but training and information about first aid, emergency planning, and assistance are also invaluable tools for disaster preparedness.


Though primarily focused on disease, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) often partner with The American Red Cross and to educate and inform the public of medical considerations under disaster planning.

Just for Fun

Just in time for Disaster Preparedness Month, the Ad Council, FEMA, and partnered to produce some humorous PSAs to engage the public and inspire them to prepare, not just for the month, but for any incident, any time.

-Seat of Your Pants
-Not Sharing

The American Red Cross joins the fun with The Kit You Don’t Want To Have, and of course, preparedness fun must also include the CDC’s Zombie Novella/Graphic Novel, Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic which uses the zombie theme to teach the importance of being prepared for any emergency.

Enjoy National Preparedness Month

Truly, whether the humorous videos and comics draw folks to emergency preparedness, or the security of a plan and a supportive community is most compelling, National Preparedness Month is the time to spread the word and encourage friends and neighbors to prepare daily.