CyberSecurity for the Next Generation 2014 Competition

CyberSecurity for the Next Generation competition opens a platform for young researchers, university professors, and leading IT security experts to discuss and collaborate on educational and practical application issues related to cyber security. In addition to the Security Education category that addresses tools and resources to raise and promote IT security awareness, four other security topics are open for the 2014 competition submissions.

Emerging Threats for Emerging Platforms

For 2014, emerging threats for emerging platforms include, but are not limited to embedded systems, mobile security, and the latest operating systems.

Securing Cloud, Virtual & Big-Data Infrastructure

Among other cloud-based systems, infrastructure for mail services, storage services, and social networks are included.

Future Protection Technologies

Future protection technologies include proactive detection technologies, filtering technologies, and web application security.

Securing Corporate Infrastructure

From the corporate perspective, securing infrastructure includes topics on combating APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats), targeted attacks, vulnerabilities, exploits, rootkits/bootkits, botnets, DDoS attacks, and network security.


The four regional rounds and the global final are held at conferences where entrants not only present and defend their projects, but also attend conference workshops and panels. As an additional bonus, the conference provides the opportunity for students to network with academic and industry experts who could steer new careers in IT security.