Colorado Flooding

Historic Flooding in Colorado Affects Homes, Businesses

As rains begin to slow on flood-damaged areas of Colorado, officials and emergency management personnel are still working to determine the human casualties of the events. In the meantime, the cost to residences and businesses are still being tabulated, but are expected to be in the billions of dollars as bridges, roads, and dams were completely destroyed and some 18,000 homes received at least notable damage, if not having been destroyed.

Utilities Impact on Local Businesses and Corporations

Most of the affected counties were without basic utilities, including electricity and phone service. But water pressure was also affected due to the flooding, meaning residents and area businesses have no drinking water or sewage control. Additionally, cell phone service was suspended due to damage to towers, but cell phone carriers are working to restore customers’ service.

With the cessation of rain and the potentially receding flood waters, some Colorado towns have been able to benefit from restored cell phone service as portable towers were rolled in on wheels. This has allowed residents to contact loved ones to reassure them that they are okay, as well as allowed some businesses to begin basic operations.

Some Businesses Prepared for the Storms

Some businesses were able to avoid closing during the event by being located in some of the less affected areas of Colorado, notably the Denver metro area. No major setbacks have been reported for businesses in that area.