SUNY Geneseo Successfully Tests the “Big Voice”

After the 2007 Virginia Tech shootings, a task force on campus safety recommended an emergency notification system be used in addition to existing security systems. In what is perhaps a response to the shootings at Virginia Tech and other institutions, SUNY Geneseo tested its “Big Voice” on October 30th, 2013.

The “Big Voice” is a speaker system that can be heard throughout the SUNY Geneseo campus and neighboring areas. The notification system can be used to notify people on campus about emergencies that may warrant the use of precautionary measures.

Prior to last week’s test run, emergency notifications were not guaranteed to reach people outdoors, or without access to cell phone and/or email services while on campus.

Accessibility issues may eventually become a concern for NY Alert, the New York State All-Hazards alert system. Subscription based, the service sends emergency alerts to subscribers via email and phone.