Biggest Cyber Attack Ever Has Just Been Found – Now What Do We Do?

Now this is a story. According to an article on and other news reports, a huge cyber attack has just been discovered – and it looks like it’s the biggest one yet.

The article says cybersecurity firm Hold Security LLC reports that more than 360 million email accounts and 1.25 billion email addresses (without passwords) have been found on the online black market over the last few weeks.

The sheer volume of data in this attack makes it “the biggest data breach in history,” according to the article.

Alix Holden, chief information security officer of Hold Security described the amount of data as “overwhelming.”

So which email providers got victimized? It looks like all the big ones, including Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. Non-profit organizations were also affected, as were the majority of Fortune 500 companies, though some of them have not yet made their individual breaches public. In what is both an interesting and disconcerting detail, the article reports that many of the affected companies were unaware of the breach until Hold Security reported their discovery.

This news comes on the heels of two security breaches that have been making the media rounds – the Neiman Marcus breach and the Target information attack.

The Neiman Marcus attack was reported earlier this year in January, though the attack took place in mid-December last year. It resulted in an unknown number of customers’ information being hacked. The bigger of the two stories, the Target attack, which also happened at the end of 2013, made headlines for the volume of its breach – it was estimated that up to 70 million customers had been affected by the attack.

This discovery by Hold Security however, blows that number out of the water.

It is unclear who caused this latest attack and how they did it. However, according to the article, Hold Security says the information was stolen in many separate attacks and that nearly 105 million records were nabbed in a single data breach.

Holden said he thinks this is a sign that hackers are switching their tactics.

We will be sure to keep monitoring this story for more details as they arise.


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