Ever Wondered What It is That Inspires Hackers to Start Hacking?

An article on www.net-security.org featured Jennifer Steffens, IOActive CEO, who recently spoke at the Hack In The Box conference in Amsterdam.

She often asks hackers she meets at various global conferences what inspired them to start hacking. The answer is usually movies – War Games, Hackers, The Matrix, etc.

However, the landscape is changing. In many ways, it is now hackers who are inspiring movies and comics.

“Hackers are doing epic stuff,” said Steffens.

As new technologies continue to surface, so do ways to exploit them for unpredictable and malicious purposes. According to the article, there is an increasing need for people who will research the security of these emerging technologies.

Steffens said she has the opportunity to work with some of the brightest in this field every day and that they are a daily inspiration.

So, what makes a good hacker? What makes a good researcher? Here’s a roundup of points from the article:

  • To break something, you must first know how it’s made (understand the technology you’re working with)
  • Have curiosity that is seemingly inexhaustible
  • Know how to look at problems from angles no one has thought to look from yet
  • Be persistent, regardless of multiple failures
  • Work hard
  • If you’re not getting what you want out of the game, figure out how to change it and keep on playing
  • No excuses – determination and dedication are vital

Steffens noted, “If you want to change the InfoSec scene, get involved in InfoSec. At IOActive, we’re looking for bright minds, cool ideas, passionate and hardworking people.”

She concluded her keynote with advice for hackers:

  • Ask questions
  • Start breaking things
  • Get to know the community
  • Disclose responsibly
  • Be inspired


For more information, click here: http://www.net-security.org/secworld.php?id=16937