Trailblazing for Safety en Español: Training CERT Trainers in Spanish

According to the Santa Barbara Independent, 44.1 percent of all households in the U.S. are Hispanic, which is almost half the entire population. That’s why this news means so much.

California’s City of Goleta is the first place in the country to offer the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Train-the-Trainer program in Spanish.

This all began with the CERT Committee deciding to translate its curriculum into Spanish, after recognizing the need for emergency training in the language.

Liliana Encinas had the job of translating the existing CERT Train-the-Trainer Manual and she then became the main instructor.

“I was not the only trainer for the first group of 38 participants,” Encinas told the Santa Barbara Independent. “There were another two instructors: One came from Riverside and the other one from Santa Clarita.”

Those participants are now all trained to be instructors and received a certificate, recorded with the state.

“This was an intense, three-day training, eight hours a day, Friday, Saturday and Sunday,” said Encinas. “Participants were totally committed and excited.”

The article states that because this is the first CERT Train-the-Trainer program in Spanish, these instructors are likely to be called to other states to train other Spanish-speaking communities.

The goal is to make emergency preparedness more accessible to those who speak Spanish as their main, or only, language.


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