White House Releases Data and Tech Tools to Help Prep for Climate Change

According to National Geographic, the White House is releasing new data and technological tools that will help developing countries better prepare for climate change.

The information can be used to predict water availability, forecast floods and track the shrinking of glaciers, soil moisture levels, nutrient flow, vegetation cover and erosion, according to the article.

This comes after President Obama’s stated commitment to helping build climate-resilient infrastructure, which he discussed at the UN Climate Summit last week.

Part of the White House’s data package includes high-resolution topographical data for Africa, which it has made available online for free. This will help countries track impending changes like rising sea levels and water shortages. According to the article, the new data can provide a resolution down to 30 meters of the Earth’s surface. The best data before this could only reach a resolution of 90 meters.

In addition to the data tools, the White House said U.S. agencies would be providing enhanced training for scientists in developing countries.

More data will be released for various global regions over the next year.


For more, click here: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2014/09/140924-climate-change-mapping-data-resilience-environment-science/