An Open Contest to Promote Preparedness and Risk Reduction

It’s called a “Solution Search.” And this one’s topic is “Reducing Our Risk: Innovation for Disaster Preparation.”

The contest, which is being put on by along with partners Rare, Save the Children, TransRe, The Nature Conservancy and the Evangelical Environmental Network, is sponsored by the MacArthur Foundation.

It’s part of a series of Solution Search competitions; previous ones have looked for solutions to climate change and coastal fisheries.

According to its website, Solution Search is “open to all U.S. organizations who have a proven solution in weather-related disaster preparedness. While we celebrate innovation by citizens, individuals are not eligible.”

Here are the contest requirements as stated on the Solution Search website:

  • Goals and actions: Clear listing of goals and their linkage to reducing risk associated with a given hazard
  • Impact: Strong results associated with economic, environmental and social/community impacts
  • Challenges and risks: Potential for negative outcomes from implementing this solution
  • Return on investment: Positive return (financial, social, or other) associated with investment in the solution
  • Sustainability and replicability: Extent to which the solution could be replicated by other communities

Brett Jenks, CEO of Rare (a partner in organizing the contest), spoke to The Huffington Post about the contest.

“There’s no silver bullet for disaster preparedness in the United States,” Jenks told The Huffington Post.

“We want to learn … what the range of categories, the range of approaches is right now.”

He described potential solutions which could “range from some way of pooling risk financially … to a technology that makes it less likely for a house to blow down in a wind event, to the kind of infrastructure that a coastal municipality could create that would reduce flooding in the city streets, to the kind of natural capital investments that can be made long term.”

Jenks told The Huffington Post that he hopes this Solution Search can help initiate a “non-partisan conversation about preparedness.”

There will be two grand prize winners, one chosen by the judges and one by public votes. The grand prize is $25,000 and first and second runners up in the People’s Choice (vote) competition will receive $5,000.

People are also free to nominate others for the contest, as opposed to themselves.

There are still 72 days left to enter the competition.


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