How Creative People Can Help in a Disaster

According to its website, the Earth Manual Project “aims to gather examples of excellent disaster preparedness innovation from all over the world and put them to productive future use.”

The project, according to, is an initiative of KIITO (Design and Creative Center Kobe) “to encourage countries commonly hit by natural calamities such as earthquakes, typhoons and floods to adapt disaster preparedness strategies.”

It’s an exhibition of various ideas, projects and creative pieces from different countries that all have a disaster preparedness connection. The exhibition was first shown in Kobe, Japan last year.

At the moment, the exhibition is being shown in the Philippines, at the Ayala Museum in Makati City until December 7.

It features such projects as:

Iza! Kaeru Caravan! and the Red Bear Survival Camp from Japan, which both aim to make disaster preparedness lessons fun for kids.

One Thai submission is a selection of projects that won a design competition. The goal of the competition was for participants to create prototypes that address the concerns of people in communities that often have floods. Some of the winning designs include floating school furniture and a “water garbage picker.”

A Filipino project aims to help people who have experienced natural disasters by allowing them to express themselves through artistic workshops, ranging from visual arts to music to culinary expression and more.


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