Looking Ahead In 2015: Trends In Humanitarian Policy

This Oxfam America piece takes a look at eight trends to watch in humanitarian policy and practice in 2015. Oxfam America humanitarian researcher Tara Gingerich put together this list of eight trends.

Below, the eight trends as they appeared in the Oxfam America article:

  1. 1) The number of people affected by disasters and conflict is rising.
  2. 2) There are more – and more severe – natural disasters, and smaller disasters are causing tremendous damage.
  3. 3) A record number of people are displaced by conflict around the world.
  4. 4) Poverty drastically affects the impact a crisis will have on everyday people.
  5. 5) Humanitarian assistance funding is increasing, but still falling woefully short.
  6. 6) New humanitarian donors are coming on the scene.
  7. 7) Very little international support of governments and civil society is provided in disaster- and conflict-affected countries.
  8. 8) Not nearly enough humanitarian funding is going to reduce the risk of natural disasters.

The Oxfam piece says the bottom line is humanitarian spending is increasing, but it isn’t keeping up with the need. And, the article says, we need to change the way we conduct humanitarian assistance.

What do you think of these eight trends for 2015? Do you agree with them, disagree with them? Have your own to add to the list?


For more information on each trend, click here: http://politicsofpoverty.oxfamamerica.org/2015/01/8-trends-to-watch-in-humanitarian-policy-and-practice-in-2015/