Did You Make A New Year’s Resolution? Was It About Cybersecurity?

2014 was a huge cybersecurity year. It seemed as though a new cyber story was making headlines every month. So, what does 2015 hold? And what resolutions can we make for a better, hopefully safer, cyber-year?

These tidbits from a US News piece written by Lillian Ablon, a researcher at RAND Corporation, offer some great insight for the new year.

  • People will be talking about cybersecurity more. While there may not be more action on cyber issues, and while some discussions might be counterproductive – increased awareness about cyber threats is a good thing.
  • There will probably be a larger focus on dual-use technologies.
  • The smart devices boom will continue, and there will probably be an accompanying boom of hacks.
  • Security will continue to be a cost to companies, instead of a top priority.
  • People will still trade security for convenience.


  • Start with multi-factor authentication
  • Legislation for certain areas, such as health information, will be more important
  • Password storage is a critical thing to keep in mind
  • Security should be a main priority, along with functionality, productivity and convenience – and it should be a main priority from the get-go, not an afterthought
  • Invest in security innovation – it can only lead to positive outcomes for the industry


For more, see the original article: http://www.usnews.com/opinion/blogs/world-report/2014/12/31/after-a-year-of-major-hacks-2015-resolutions-to-bolster-cybersecurity