What ‘The Blizzard that Never Came’ Can Teach Us About Leadership

This Inc.com piece by Lolly Daskal takes a look at the recent NYC blizzard that never really hit. Though many were angered at the city for an inaccurate prediction, she sees positives in how the city planned for the event.

What she says NYC got right:

  • Clear, concise, repeated communication.
  • Prompt action.
  • Drawing from documented experience.
  • Coordination (the public was informed, there were resources and hotlines available).
  • Reviewing the response after the fact.

Daskal’s leadership lessons as they appear in the article:

1.Communicate your plan with a clear and consistent message and give as much direction as possible so people can understand and follow.

2. Act promptly and make swift decisions that call upon everyone to be on the same page. Doing so avoids panic and under preparation. Come up with a plan and follow it through. Act quickly and set it in motion.

3. Keep thorough and accurate records of everything--planning sessions, crisis management team meetings, decision-making processes.

4.Have stakeholder relationships in place ahead of time, with plans to work together to cover all contingencies.

5. Appoint a team (with different membership from the crisis management team) to assess the response and recommend changes in procedures.

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