New York Launches $40 Million Energy Competition

Last week, New York’s Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced the launch of the state’s $40 million energy competition, NY Prize.

According to the governor’s press release, the focus of the competition is microgrids that meet the energy and resiliency need of local communities. NY Prize is currently accepting proposals. The prize money for the winning designs will be used for building microgrids across New York, with the aim of reducing customer costs and promoting clean energy.

Microgrids, for those who don’t know, are local energy networks that can separate from the larger electric grid in extreme weather conditions or emergencies. They can provide power to the grid when necessary. They are ideal for regions prone to storm outages because they can increase power resiliency and reliability and improve energy efficiency.

“Having a reliable source of power is crucial when extreme weather strikes – and by launching this microgrid competition, we’re encouraging the development of more resilient energy networks across the State,” Governor Cuomo said. “Developing and implementing microgrids will mean that more New Yorkers can benefit from a cleaner and more efficient energy system that will also be more accessible when they need it most. This is another way that the State is stepping up to help local communities build back stronger in the face of severe weather events, and I encourage all interested parties to apply.”

Those eligible for NY Prize include: local governments, community organizations, non-profits and for-profit companies. Potential projects have to be integrated into utility networks and serve multiple customers including at least one “critical infrastructure” customer, which can be a hospital, police station, fire station, water treatment facility or similar place.


Governor Cuomo’s announcement:

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