Looking Back on the Search for Flight 370

According to a CTV News article, the yearlong search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has resulted in lessons and findings that could benefit millions of people, “including coastal Australians, air and sea travellers and scientists trying to understand ancient changes to the earth’s crust.”

A list of some of the benefits so far:

  • New underwater maps – previous maps of the area relied on satellite data, but new ones use sonar readings, leading to discoveries of new trenches and underwater mountains.
  • Improved tsunami prediction – the maps will help scientists better predict tsunamis.
  • Better search and rescue – knowing the ocean floor’s topography can help scientists better predict ocean currents, which can help people predict where a stranded boat might drift, for example, leading to an improved search-and-rescue mission.
  • Improved plane tracking – the International Civil Aviation Organization has proposed a requirement that airlines receive position updates from all planes every 15 minutes. The requirement is expected to be put in place by November 2016.


For more benefits, see the original article here: http://www.ctvnews.ca/world/one-year-later-lessons-from-the-search-for-mh370-1.2258784