Changing the Game with Wearable Tech for Emergency Personnel

According to The Dallas Morning News, startup accelerator Tech Wildcatters is launching a program for wearable technology for police, firefighters and emergency medical staff.

The pilot program is funded by the Department of Homeland Security. The agency is interested in tech such as advanced sensors, smart voice and data communication chips in gear and health-related monitors, according to the Dallas Morning News.

In addition to Tech Wildcatters, another group, TechNexus, will help run the program, which is called Emerge: Accelerating Wearable Tech for First Responders. Both groups will each select six U.S. start-ups for the program, which begins in the summer.

Here’s an excerpt from the article to further explain the project:

“We know there is good wearable technology out there to help first responders,” said D’Arcy Morgan, the Homeland Security program manager overseeing the accelerator partnership.

While the department has tried to tap individuals for their ideas, there are challenges for entrepreneurs, such as navigating the federal funding process and adapting the technology for first responders, Morgan said.

The accelerator can bridge the gap by providing early market validation, attracting private investment and commercializing the technology, Morgan said. The government is not taking any equity stake in the startups that participate.

“We see the accelerators as a great conduit to bring individuals and small companies with angel investors, venture capitalists and the [technology] integrators into the responder market,” he said.

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