The People Component of Disaster Recovery

While the technical elements of a solid disaster recovery plan are crucial in any business, the “people component” should not be overlooked.

From, here are 10 questions managers should ask to ensure they are properly handling the non-technical side of disaster recovery.

  1. 1) Is everyone physically all right?
  2. 2) Are key contributors emotionally stable?
  3. 3) Are you remaining calm?
  4. 4) Who takes over for a top performer?
  5. 5) Are you keeping your CEO informed?
  6. 6) Does everyone understand the communication tree?
  7. 7) Who in IT talks to whom?
  8. 8) Are you ready for the outside world?
  9. 9) What didn’t you think of?
  10. 10) How often do you review your plan?


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