Mississippi Is Taking Disaster Preparedness to the Next Generation

According to an ABC News Center 11 report, Mississippi has launched a statewide 10-week-long program called the Mississipi Youth Preparedness Initiative or MYPI.

MYPI will see over 3,500 Mississippi teens, aged 13 – 19 complete Homeland Security certified Teen CERT training along with CPR and AED certification, with the highlight of the program being a service project in which each participant will develop emergency kit along with an emergency communications plan for their entire family.

State authorities believe that over the course of the next five years this program will prepare about 121,000 families to deal with an emergency.

Students taking part in MYPI also learn what the responsibility of each member of their community is during an emergency. Knowing what police, firefighters, medical technicians and emergency managers will be during in times of crisis also helps students understand the importance of having a plan and sticking to it.

Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer instructor may apply here.


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