The EU’s New GDPR May Be the Biggest Business Continuity Threat for a Decade

According to an article on Tech City News, by as early as early June, the European Union’s Council of Ministers will decide whether or not the latest version of the General Data Protection Regulation will become law on the continent.

The latest version of the GDPR would replace the Data Protection Directive 94/46/EC and the Data Protection Act of 1998, effectively removing the patchwork approach to data protection and privacy currently in place. Instead it is meant to serve as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all complainants regardless of where in the EU any breach may have occurred, meaning that both data processors and data controllers would share the same legal duties and obligations in terms of protecting private data.

In order to prepare for this and avoid any potential confusion ending in massive fines that could total 5% of global turnover or €100m, the article suggests taking the following steps:

1: Create new data policies and procedures

2: Mitigate known risks

3: Invest in education and training now

4: Review how you currently obtain customer consent

5: Don’t hang on to data!

6: Out-of-date data policy

7: Be prepared for an increase in consumer activism

8: Make data protection central to your marketing process

9: Move your mind-set from compliance to competitive advantage

10: Treat your customers as real people


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