Bright Minds, Smart City

As we continue to build smart technologies into our cities, we also increase points of access and potential intrusion. Intended to address the issue of cybersecurity in this constantly expanding smart environment, a group of researchers, companies, and organizations have formed a not-for-profit global initiative called Securing Smart Cities.

Including industry figures such as IOActive, Kaspersky Lab, Bastille, and the Cloud Security Alliance, Securing Smart Cities intends to aid in addressing the cybersecurity challenges of cities by acting as a communications node for the various participants in these communities to promote the adoption and use of safe smart technologies, according to a release.

“Securing Smart Cities aims to solve cyber-problems at every stage of a smart city’s development: from planning through to the actual implementation of smart technologies,” said Patrick Nielsen, principal security researcher at Kaspersky Lab and board member of the Securing Smart Cities initiative in a release. “We encourage city authorities, equipment and software vendors, as well as security researchers to join the discussion.”

With the increasing adoption of these smart technologies to address issues from CCTV to traffic management to power grid infrastructure, the complexity of these interacting system is only expected to grow. As noted by Cesar Cerrudo, CTO for IOActive and board member of Securing Smart Cities, “the cybersecurity of a modern, smart city is not something you can solve on your own. The concept involves so many different technologies communicating with each other in so many ways, that the only way to predict and eliminate all possible security issues is through collaboration between experts around the world. This is what Securing Smart Cities is for.”


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