Disaster Island

Fun facts about the island of Krizo: Captain Cook reportedly spotted it in the 18th century. Its residents have suffered through everything from mining disasters to tsunamis. And it’s completely made up.

According to news.com.au, the “world’s most disaster-prone country” is a creation of Crisis Ready, a disaster consultant firm based in Brisbane, Australia. Designed to help emergency response and disaster management teams study the effects of major catastrophes such as Ebola and volcanoes.

With a flag, national anthem, country map and videos detailing the country’s disasters, Krizo is populated in detail on social media. “The Department of Defence has a number of imaginary countries, but we’ve gone right into the depth of cultural complexity — religion, languages,” said company founder Peter Rekers to news.com.au. “We know that’s vitally important.”

Crisis Ready told news.com.au that Krizo “means ‘crisis’ in Esperanto, has been populated for 1300 years and is deeply rooted in Melanesian culture.”

Although Crisis Ready uses the simulation to train clients, the news site reports that Rekers plans a simulation center, “complete with tin sheds and non-stop rain.” The company currently works with government agencies, mining companies and the University of Queensland, where Rekers lectured. He and Rebecca Riggs lead a team of specialists including former members of the police force, emergency services, education, event management, politics and journalism, according to the Crisis Ready website.

A Facebook page for Krizo describes the island as “located in the western Pacific some 1000kms equidistant from Australia and New Zealand on the seismic and volcanic ‘ring of fire’.” Thinking of a visit? The island is currently overrun with an Ebola-style virus dreamed up by a doctor and microbiologist, says news.com.au.


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