Being Prepared for National Preparedness Month

With the memory of recent storms, Babylon, New York, is electing to pair a local festival with the opportunity for residents to ready themselves in advance of a storm or other natural disaster.  Working with the Allstate Foundation and Points of Light, the town will be encouraging attendees of the Beach Blast Event to learn about preparing their own disaster preparedness kit, and planning for weather emergencies.

“Over 10,000 TOB homes were affected when Super Storm Sandy struck Long Island in 2012,” said Town of Babylon supervisor Rich Shaffer. “We are excited to bring the Disaster Preparedness program to our residents during this year’s Beach Blast as we are passionate about making sure our Town residents are prepared for the next storm that comes our way. This opportunity to partner with The Allstate Foundation and Points of Light is a great way to celebrate the culmination of summer while keeping an eye on preparing ourselves for the upcoming hurricane season.”

The Allstate Foundation and Points of Light have both been committed to the cause of disaster preparedness, encouraging the American people to educate themselves on both the actions and supplies necessary to protect themselves.  For this purpose, along with other organizations, they've created, a website people can use to learn how to contact local volunteer centers, where to get the most up to date information in the event of a natural disaster, and what's needed to ensure people stay safe.

“More than half of the United States population does not have an emergency meeting place for family members or an emergency disaster kit prepared. We’re teaming up with The Allstate Foundation to better prepare residents for the damages extreme weather can cause,” said vice-president of disaster services with Points of Light Colleen Clay.

Following shortly after the events in Babylon, September will be National Preparedness Month, which will further emphasize the need for individuals to ready themselves for different types of natural disasters and emergencies.


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