Hunting for Emergency Management Tools

Getting residents to participate in preparedness is always a difficult task, as no one likes to think about what could go wrong. To help encourage residents, various groups within the city of Salisbury, North Carolina took the step of putting on a scavenger hunt with the goal being the assembly of a "go bag" for disaster readiness, according to The Salisbury Post.

Sponsored by local companies, utilities, and Rowan County emergency responders, the event involved 33 businesses at which participants could visit to pick up various survival items. With these items being donated by sponsors, residents were given the opportunity to acquire ponchos, compasses, glow sticks, and other essentials.

Maps of North Carolina were offered as a complement to the compasses at Growing Pains Family Consignment by manager Christina Gordon. “Think about it. The GPS isn’t going to work, you’re not going to have your cool little phones,” says Gordon. “You’ll need this, if something really does happen.”

Local retailed Scott Whittington, of USA Made Blade, offered participants "P-38s," a well known handheld can opener, and offered the wisdom, “You never know what could make a difference, what little thing could save your life.”

Despite the stormy weather, the event was still widely viewed as a success. “It’s kind of perfect that we have this stormy weather, because the whole theme is emergency preparedness,” said Mollie Ruff of Downtown Salisbury Inc.