More Lessons Learned from Hurricane Sandy

As cities and towns continue their recovery from Hurricane Sandy, a new report has been released, offering suggestions and recommendations as to how communities can best prepare themselves for future natural disasters.

Piloted by New Jersey Future, and focusing on six communities affected by the hurricane, using FEMA's National Disaster Recovery Framework, the report provides details on the selection process and the integration of local recovery planning managers (LPRMs) into the towns, the commitments the towns were required to make, and the balance of approaches between long term financial planning, and short term economic rebuilding.

The report also provides extensive recommendations based on the pilot project, including:

  • Approaches for implementing a similar project in other communities.
  • Methods to align local, federal and state policies.
  • Proposals for expansion of the project to include more towns, and extended horizons for the recovery project and participation of LPMRs, beyond the initial two year project window.

As observed by New Jersey Future executive director Peter Kasabach, "Over the last two years we've learned that the risks people are willing to take are high if it means remaining in their homes and community. We also learned that when presented with a thorough analysis of vulnerability and future risks that reflects the specific characteristics of their community, residents in coastal areas are willing to envision the sometimes considerable changes that will be needed to improve their long-term health and safety."

A copy of the report is available online at the New Jersey Future site.