Let’s Get Physical

The Fit First Responders program is a 25-week challenge involving Tulsa firefighters, police officers and EMSA in weekly workouts focusing on positive mind-set and nutrition, said program spokesperson Deedra Determan to the Tulsa World. According to Determan, participants will have a chance to win a new truck from Jim Glover Chevrolet and other cash prizes as incentives. Of the 132 participants who graduated on Oct. 18, Determan said that a combined 1,237 pounds and 1,149 inches were lost during the 25-week program, with more participants joining the program for the next challenge in April.

Tulsa Fire Chief Ray Driskell told Tulsa World that he welcomes the program to help change existing poor nutrition habits at work and provide the opportunity to significantly improve physical fitness (a study by the Center for Disease Control reveals that over 70 percent of firefighters are overweight). Driskel also mentioned the improved relations between police, fire and EMS departments as a result of participating in the program.

The Tulsa World also reported the following:

  • The Tulsa Police Department mortality rate is 65 years of age, compared to the national average of 72
  • The city spent about $28 million over a three-year period on workers compensation claims because of workplace injuries.
  • Of this, injured police officers received $1.9 million in compensation.