Emergency Preparedness 101

When it comes to emergency preparedness, sometimes it pays to think outside the box. This week, DRG brings you four interesting examples from across the country.


In Central Massachusetts, the 12-year-old non-profit, volunteer-driven Central Massachusetts Disaster Animal Response Team has between 80 and 90 members and “serves towns throughout by providing information, training, support, supplies and volunteers to help pets, livestock and exotic animals affected by natural and man-made disasters,” according to the Worcester, Massachusetts Telegram.




In New York, NYC Business PREP is a new venture between the city’s Department of Small Business Services, the Mayor’s Office of Recovery and Resiliency, and the Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery, who are investing $7.5 million to provide opportunities and resources for small business owners to prepare for future emergencies, according to Crain’s.




In California, Burbank, Glendale and Pasadena have launched a website (ElNinoReady.org) and a Twitter account (@VerdugoAlert) to alert residents and help them with plans and safety precautions for emergency weather conditions, according to the LA Times.”Information detailing sandbag use and availability for each city, flood preparation and recovery, rainy weather safety tips, and animal preparedness are some of the topics covered on the new website,” officials told the Times.




Over in Albany, the city’s Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan has been updated, according to the Albany Democrat-Herald.

“Natural Hazard Mitigation Plans cover ways in which a city will respond to emergencies brought about through floods, earthquakes, severe weather events, volcanoes, droughts or landslides,” said the Democrat-Herald.