Resolutions for Risk Management

For those making resolutions this new year, the Lexington Division of Emergency Management has a novel new twist for area residents: a “Resolve to be Ready” campaign that urges people to prepare for disaster in 2016.

According to the KY Forward, the campaign covers four actions to take on in 2016:

Be aware: Using communication tools such as radio and television for updates, or smartphones or computers for text messages and streaming radio networks, can provide important information in the case of an incident.

Make an emergency plan: Have personal contact information, emergency contact numbers and meeting points in case of separation in place and distributed among family members before disaster strikes.

Build an emergency kit: Include items such as a NOAA weather radio and AM/FM radio, a first aid kit and cell phone charger, flashlight, personal hygiene items and food and water (one gallon per person per day). Don’t forget cards or games to while away the hours while waiting, as well as changes of clothing and sturdy shoes.

Get involved: Join teams, classes or organizations versed in emergency management, such as a community response team, citizen police and fire academies, the Red Cross or medical reserve corps.

The campaign also directs people to the Lexington Emergency Management website at, the Emergency Management Facebook page – LexingtonKYEM – or the Emergency Management Twitter channel @LexKYEM.