Watch Your Backup

Joe McIntyre states in the New Hampshire Business Review that organizations must review their incident response and business continuity plans to address criminal cyberactivity. The rate of growth of corporate business data requires every business to develop a secure system and framework, and businesses need to locate, identify and limit all private data as part of a larger policy to protect and store all of their corporate data.

A security breach or personal information theft has the potential to negatively affect the relationship between a business and its customer. McIntyre says that businesses should be familiar with "recovery point objective" (how much data you can afford to lose) and "recovery time objective" (how long you can go without access to your data). McIntyre also outlines the "data protection pyramid" which prioritizes decisions on protecting data to optimize cost and recovery times in four steps: fault tolerance, file recovery, replication, and archiving. By reviewing these items, businesses will be able to determine an appropriate level of protection to safeguard their data for the future in an efficient and methodical manner.