Exploring Energy Emergency Exercise Evaluations

In order to assist and assure in their preparations and response to emergencies, Canada's National Energy Board (NEB) earlier announced it will be posting emergency response exercise evaluations online. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, the NEB is an independent regulatory agency created in 1959 by the government of Canada to oversee aspects of the oil, gas, and electrical utility industries

Beginning with the results of a full-scale exercise at the Kinder Morgan Canada Westridge Terminal, which included participation by local, provincial, and federal agencies, these evaluations are expected to include details on the nature of any exercises, the extent of involvement, and information on both successes and failures identified during the associated exercises. Recommendations and observations as to future actions are also provided. As per the NEB, criteria for evaluation includes, but is not limited to, "public and worker safety; environmental protection; public notification and reporting; tactical response and evaluation of security threats."

As observed by chair and CEO of the NEB, Peter Watson, "on an annual basis, the NEB conducts thorough evaluations of emergency response exercises and it's important for Canadians to see the details of those exercises and how their national energy regulator is verifying that NEB-regulated companies are prepared to respond in case of an emergency" with 12 full-scale emergency response exercises having been conducted in 2015.