Corporate Awareness of Cybersecurity

PwC has released their 2016 Global Economic Crime Survey, and the results should be cause for concern for many of those at the heads of their companies. With cybersecurity remaining in the news, and cyber crime being a topic of frequent discussion, PwC's research has observed disconnects between statements of interest, with 61 per cent of CEOs indicating cybersecurity is a concern, and actions, with less than half of board members requesting or reviewing information on the state of cybersecurity within their companies.

As data breaches can cause both short and long term damage to a company, understanding at the board level is critical to ensuring proper integration and deployment of cybersecurity strategies.

In relation to the issue, Forcepoint offers a list of key items board members should be considering when reviewing their cybersecurity, including, but not limited to:

  • How the organization's key data is stored, maintained, and accessed, and the consequences of that same data being lost or exposed.
  • What risks are introduced by adoption of new technologies like cloud computing.
  • Whether employees are aware of common vectors of cyber attack