Social Minding

With an increasing number of people engaged in social media accounts across multiple platforms, the notion of personal online security is demanding attention from both traditional users and those interested in accessing that private information. Cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab has offered various recommendations to allow users to both safely participate in social media, while also maintaining their online privacy, including:

  • Changing browser settings to restrict third party cookies, automatic downloads and installations, and block suspicious websites;
  • Using HTTPS sites whenever available to ensure encryption of traffic;
  • Taking advantage of 'Private Browsing' features for web browsing;
  • Verifying the identity of online contacts;
  • Maintaining password security through non-disclosure, updating passwords regularly, and not using the same password across multiple sites.

With Kaspersky finding that 41 per cent of users are concerned about their online activity being tracked or monitored, and only 24 per cent of users being able to identify fake or malicious websites, significant room remains for improvement in personal cybersecurity.