Thinking like a CIO

With the increasing criticality of data availability and access, and the constant evolution of threats both internal and external to the same availability of data, CIOs are finding their time and funds consumed by insuring data resilience within their organization. To that effect, Graham Jarvis, writing for Cloud Tech News, has offered a list of four items for consideration when discussing data resilience:

  • Ransomware: Hackers are increasingly deploying more direct techniques to capture company data, by locking it away on the company’s own servers, and ransoming it back, rather than exporting it to external locations.
  • Disruption: New technologies offer new opportunities to depart from traditional ways of operation, allowing companies to rework the manner in which they operate, to improve responsiveness and benefits for the customer and themselves.
  • Driving of Change: Demonstrate the benefits of change through the creation of value to the bottom line, and the underlying value of the data that drives and controls that change
  • Collective Responsibility: Ensure buy-in by all parties for the protection of and redundancy of data, to ensure continual availability in the event of disruptions, whether they be natural or artificial, through security and recovery