Family Readiness

What a terrific idea...breaking up what many think is a "Mount Everest" into small steps that ordinary citizens can manage!

Entering week four of a 24-week-series on disaster preparedness, focused around the event of an earthquake in the Cascadia subduction zone, the Oregon Statesman Journal continues to provide advice on assembling a family emergency kit, and developing a family disaster plan. With previous weeks covering topics such as foods and drinks, maps, and first aid supplies, this week’s installment offers the recommendation of adding items like:

  • Compasses
  • Red Cross approved safety lights or light sticks
  • Prescription medications, including a two week supply for any family members with known medical conditions
  • Durable medical supplies

In terms of planning, recommendations are also given as to preparing a family disaster plan, to ensure all family members know a safe place to meet outside the home, and have a list of critical contacts.

While the series is ongoing, the Statesman Journal is also including a presentation in each column covering items that were discussed in previous weeks, and which will be discussed in upcoming weeks.