Bloomington Starts a Proactive Voluntary Registry for Special Needs

Residents with special needs in The City of Bloomington and Monroe County can now sign up for a voluntary registry designed to help emergency responders access disability-specific information. According to Bedford-based radio station WBIW 1340 AM, first responders can then access information on visual, hearing, mobility impairments, developmental disabilities, or dementia.

“By signing up for the Special Needs Registry, our first responders can arrive prepared to help each person most appropriately. I hope everyone with a disability or who has friend or a loved one with a disability will take advantage of this potentially life saving program,” Mayor John Hamilton told WDIW.

Residents can sign up at the Bloomington website or using by printing a Google doc and mailing it in. City officials will contact registry participants twice a year to keep information current. ”This registry is an extremely important step toward effective emergency preparedness for individuals with disabilities in Monroe County," Katie Herron, chair of the City of Bloomington Council for Community Accessibility told WDIW. ”Information gathered for this registry will allow first responders to maximize the effectiveness and quality of care provided. Having disability-specific information prior to arriving at the scene of an emergency could mean the difference between life and death."