Climate Control

The World Bank has released a new report, titled Pacific Possible: Climate and Disaster Resilience, describing the need for Pacific Island countries to consider climate change and disaster management into their development plans.

Speaking with respect to the release of the report from the Symposium on Climate Change Adaptation in the Pacific Region, Denis Jordy, Senior Environmental Specialist at the World Bank, said “Climate change and extreme weather events have the potential to adversely affect coastal zones, water resources, health, infrastructure, agriculture and food security. And if new investments are not properly planned, they risk exacerbating the impacts of natural hazards and climate change by increasing the vulnerability and exposure of those at risk.”

The report offers details on such topics as:

  • proposals for techniques for adapting to climate change;
  • the costs of increasing coastline resiliency to climate change;
  • management of uncertainty in planning; and
  • evidence of costs reductions associated with long term planning.