The Future of Cybersecurity is AI

With the challenges of cybersecurity constantly changing and adapting, the possibility of increased integration and adoption of artificial intelligence as a defense is becoming a topic of greater discussion, according to The Economic Times.

Offering adaptive responses, AI represents a learning line of defense, intended to support human engineers by identifying patterns among good and bad behavior and allowing for automated flagging or prediction of cyberattacks and other undesirable events. Of particular note is an AI-based platform developed by researchers at MIT which can purportedly predict, detect, and stop 85 per cent of cyberattacks with high accuracy.

While these items are not necessarily ready for full deployment, and will continue to require augmentation from other sources, the technology continues to improve, according to The Economic Times. The ultimate goal will be the ability to separate and distinguish between computer glitches and malicious attacks in real time, allowing for instant responses followed by human follow-up and resolution.