Gold Medal Responses

With the recent ending of the Olympics, Michael Bruemmer wrote an article for Security Info Watch about the handling of data breach incidents, providing some lessons that can be learned from the actions of Olympians:

  • Establish a Game Plan: Ensure your company has documented procedures and strategies for managing breaches and other security incidents. Include regular testing of these procedures, to ensure they remain up to date, and adapt to changing technologies and tactics
  • Work with the Best: Get quality support from external providers, whether technical or legal experts, to ensure all bases are covered. Don’t wait until an incident happens to get all parties together to discuss approaches and techniques.
  • Teamwork: Recognize the importance of coordination and communication, by ensuring all team members are aware of their roles and strengths, and allow key information to be transferred between the various parties who will need access
  • Poise Under Pressure: Don’t allow the team to be distracted by non-critical matters, instead keeping them focused on key tasks, while recognizing that those specific key tasks may change as the incident and response continues to develop.