Hackable Voters

In anticipation of the coming elections, various states have approached the Department of Homeland Security, requesting assistance in the form of a “cyber hygiene” scan. This scan is intended for the purpose of examining internet-connected networks for vulnerabilities, to help protect against potential hacks. To date, an unnamed DHS official has stated nine states have already requested these scans, with more expected to sign up over the next two months. 

With the high level of attention being paid, protecting the integrity of voting results will be critical. Although hackers may not be able to directly affect the vote count, there are still concerns with respect to their impacts on items like voter registration websites, voter databases, and systems used for the tracking of results.

In reference to the safety and integrity of voting results, FBI Director James Comey observed, “The beauty of the American voting system is that it’s diverse among the 50 states and it’s clunky as heck. It is hard for an actor to reach our voting processes.”