Working to ensure people realize emergency preparedness doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming, Ron Tieken has been offering his expertise in what he calls “Redneck Preparedness”. Hosting a booth at the recent Madison Memorial Hospital/Jefferson County Preparedness Fair, Tieken performed demonstrations of such tasks as how to assemble cheap stoves, heating elements, or even a safe, all capable of being used in the event of an emergency.

Talking about how he first got involved in emergency preparedness, Tieken said “I woke up one night and said, ‘What if?’ So then several of us started getting together. We started the Redneck ways of helping.” Out of this group came the Redneck Preparednessweb page, stocked with inexpensive ways to prepare for emergencies.

In talking about the need for the event, Jefferson County Emergency Management Coordinator Rebecca Squires noted, “What are you going to do for food or water? What will you do if it’s a financial issue? Do you have insurance on your home and property? What if you have to leave your home? Can you bug out quickly?  Preparing for certain different scenarios prepares you for any kind of disaster. Thinking ahead is absolutely important. We want people to be prepared and to be resilient.”