Organized Response

The International Risk Governance Council (IRGC) has published a new white paper, discussing two approaches by which an organization’s resilience can be evaluated – Trust Indicators, and Resilience Profiles.

Evaluation via Trust Indicators is centered around the definition of trust as “the willingness of a party to be vulnerable to the actions of another party based on the expectation that the other will perform a particular action important to the trustor, irrespective of the ability to monitor or control that other party”, with this trust being evaluated based on the responses of members of an organization as to their perception about the future of their organization.

Regarding evaluation via Resilience Profiles, the focus is split among four key dimensions, which are reviewed and assembled into a report for comparison against similar organizations:

  • Operations – focused around organizational culture, speed of reaction, trust, and experience
  • Structure – focused around structure, infrastructure, and layers
  • Perception – focused around the organizations environment, vulnerability, and vision
  • Resources – focused around organizational competencies, redundancies, diversity, and mobility

Additional details on resilience are available through the IRGC’s web page.